Sokol Greater Cleveland
at Bohemian National Hall
4939 Broadway Avenue
Cleveland OH 44127

Oral History Project

The objective of this project is to preserve,  for the benefit of future generations,
historical testimonies offered by members and friends of Cleveland's Czech-American

Of particular interest are testimonies involving:

  • the Sokol movement in Cleveland
  • recollection of growing up in the various Czech neighborhoods
  • Czech-American organizational life
  • the immigrant experience (challenges faced by newly-arrived Czechs, etc)
  • the European experience (the life that was left behind, WWII, etc)

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Need more information?  
Contact Ted Krejsa at 216-233-4634, or

The Oral History Project is a project of the
Czech Cultural Center Library of Sokol Greater Cleveland


"We all have stories to tell,
stories we have  lived from the
inside out. We give our
experiences an order. We
organize the memories of our
lives into stories.

Oral history listens to these
stories. Oral history is the
systematic collection of living
people’s testimony about their
own experiences. Historians
have finally recognized that the
everyday memories of everyday
people, not just the rich and
famous, have historical
importance. If we do not collect
and preserve those memories,
those stories, then one day they
will disappear forever.

Your stories and the stories of
the people around you are
unique, valuable treasures for
your family and your
community. You and your
family members can preserve
unwritten family history using
oral history techniques.
Likewise you and your
community can discover and
preserve unwritten history
large and small. "

Step-by-Step Guide to Oral History
Judith Moyer 1993, Revised 1999